Platforms and Web Apps … and Websites

A successful online presence and the activities around your brands online presence are determined by a combination of chosen strategies, the application of which is determined by what is most appropriate to your brand, your target market and the results desired e.g. a fast moving consumer brand will have a very different requirement to a business to business brand offering (product or service or even you city or country).

Design and Develop

We develop creative and technical solutions that enable companies to successfully do business online. Great web design and development combines all of the items mentioned above:

  • Online Strategy
  • Research
  • Usability
  • Compelling Copy

together with a blend of . . .

  • Strong Branding
  • Powerful Ideas
  • Stunning Design
  • Arresting Images
  • Clear Navigation
  • Free Quality Downloads
  • Logical Site Architecture
  • Clear Calls to Action
  • Excellent Project Management

Great web design and development also requires excellent:

  • Planning & Management
  • Standards Compliant Coding
  • Software Development Skills

All to achieve maximum natural search engine rankings, visitor attraction and sales/inquiries conversion rates. This is applicable whether your requirement is a full e-commerce website, brochure website, landing page or micro site.